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Gervonta Davis has been climbing the ranks rapidly dominating all of his opponents. It is time we see him take a bigger risk in the sport. With an undefeated record of 20-0-0 (19) knockouts, The 130 pounder has been called out by another familiar face in the division named Tevin Farmer. Both fighters have a lot of athletic ability with a high ring IQ with similar styles making this match up very interesting. Farmer is right handed who fights at a southpaw stance giving him the ability to have power in both hands. Fighters such as Miguel Cotto and Oscar Dela Hoya were also right handed but was taught how to box their whole life in the southpaw position. Davis and Farmer both defensively and offensively are very talented, they can shut down their opponents offensive attack with great ability to slip, catch, block and avoid punches, when it comes to their offensive side they can dictate the pace of the fight, throw high volume of punches from any angles with good punching accuracy to the body. Farmer currently has the IBF belt in the super featherweight division with a record of 27-4-1 (6 Kos). This would be a great match up for boxing, I can see this fight happening in 2019.

Written By Randy Hernandez

Photo Credit By Showtime

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