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Deontay Wilder had one of his workouts today in Santa Monica, in preparation for his upcoming fight with undefeated Champion Tyson Fury. He started off with a good stretch being very calm and focused answering alot of questions from media. Wilder will be coming into this fight heavier than his last fight between Luis Ortiz which he weighed in at 214 pounds the night before. Looking explosive as usual. we will see another knock out this fight but it won’t be as easy compared to Wilders last 40 opponents, Tyson Fury has the height, reach and weight advantage coming into this fight. Tyson is the bigger man, Wilder seems to like the fact because the target is much easier to hit, He quotes “The bigger they are the harder they fall’’. You would think The winner between these two would be known as the number one Heavyweight in the world but there is still one more man to beat and his name is Anthony Joshua.

Photo Credit By Randy Hernandez

Written By Randy Hernandez

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