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Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury will be the next biggest Heavyweight fight!

Its been over 4 months since the WBC Champion of the world had his last fight with Luis Ortiz. In My opinion, it was one of the greatest Heavyweight fights of all time. Now there has been a lot talk coming from the second best Heavyweight boxer, Tyson Fury. Fury just came off a two year break from the sport but he has been ready for his next greatest challenge yet his first time back into the ring didn’t impress me at all. Fury fought a much smaller opponent and had a lot of trouble with pressure and didn’t seem focused at all with his constant taunting and distractions from the fans. Tyson Fury is the tallest, has the longest reach in Heavyweight boxing other than that his skill level is mediocre. Fighting wilder would be a very high risk at this point due to the fact that Wilder has alot more weapons and experience. We all know he can knock out fighters with any punch, any angle but I believe his foot work, athletic ability and boxing IQ is the best right now in the heavyweight division. From the Amateurs, winning multiple Championships, fighting for USA obtaining a bronze medal to the professionals defending his WBC title 8 times shows alot for Wilder. Fury has Klitscho under his belt but ever since that fight he hasn’t fought a solid Champion.



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