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It’s official, lineal middleweight world champion Canelo Alvarez and unified IBF, WBA, & WBC middleweight world champion Gennady Golovkin will be fighting a historic rematch Saturday September 15th, 2018.

De La Hoya took to Twitter on June 13th to announce the deal had been finalized. “I’m happy to inform that we have a fight September 15th! #CaneloGGG2”.

On Sept. 16, 2017, Golovkin and Alvarez met for the first time in a match that ended with a controversial draw.

Fans hope to finally see what Triple G is capable of in this rematch. Canelo was able to show boxing fans what he was made of: speed, power, counter-punches, foot work, and the ability to get off the ropes. Triple G has a lot of room for improvement. We have seen that against other opponents he has taken a much more aggressive, “Mexican” fighting style. Many boxing fans believed Triple G’s powerful punches would get him the knockout but were disappointed to see him keep a slow pace and respect Canelo’s counter-punches too much, possibly losing him that win. We hope to see Triple G lay out everything he’s got this time around, and that Canelo continues to show us everything he’s got.

A fight of this magnitude will take place where the most historical fights of boxing traditionally do- in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The fighters held a split-venue satellite press conference streamed on Facebook to promote their upcoming rematch where Canelo expressed why he lost respect for Triple G. “In reality, everything has changed because of all the talking they did over there. They’ve already talked too much over there, they did not give me any respect and I think that is why everything has changed…it’s different, very different in this fight, that’s why my attitude has changed since then.” When Canelo was asked if he had anything to say to Triple GGG’s trainer Abel Sanchez, Canelo responded, “I have nothing to say to him, he already knows what I think of him.”

My opinion? Stop reading here if you’re a Triple G fan pointing the finger at Canelo.

Many of Triple G’s fan base refuse to let go of the minute traces of clenbuterol found in Canelo’s test results, despite the fact that it is a common occurrence among Mexican athletes. Canelo, in an attempt to clear his name, took to a hair follicle test shortly after the urine test results from VADA, showing that the minute traces had only been in his system a very short period of time, not nearly long enough to benefit from that type of performance enhancer.

Canelo has been tested repeatedly throughout all training camps before his matches against Triple G, up until the first trace of clenbuterol had been found, and this was after the first bout. With a hair follicle test proving it was only there for a short period of time, Canelo has been clenbuterol free all the way up until that point before the May 5th rematch. This claim of Canelo being a “dirty fighter” and causing Triple G to lose the first match is irrelevant. Stick to the claim of it being a robbery if you wish to stay in denial of how close of a match it truly was.

Canelo is an extremely elite boxer, but even then, I believe he will need to make some adjustments to compete with the pressure Triple G brings. This next bout will definitely be the fight of the year.


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