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After already obtaining almost all the belts in the heavyweight division (IBO/IBF/WBO/WBA), Joshua doesn’t seem to want that last green belt held by the most deadliest heavyweight champion since the Tyson & Holyfield era.

For Deontay Wilder, if not the greatest heavyweight of all time, it makes sense to be smart in the sport of boxing. Making sure every fight is picked for the right time because at the end of the day, it's a business. Wilder recently gave Joshua and his team an offer for 50 million dollars to fight in the United States, making it the biggest purse for both fighters, not including all of the other revenue they make off of ticket sales and sponsors.

Right now the two best heavyweight fighters, besides Wilder, would be Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury, who are at the peak of their careers right now making it the best time to fight, in my opinion. Fury also apologized to Wilder because Joshua wasn’t serious about fighting Wilder. Fury has been putting work in the gym, ready and willing to fill in for Joshua for Wilder's next fight. I think Eddie Hearn simply wants the storm to pass and to milk the clock with Wilder, because he knows it's too much of a risk for Joshua's record and reputation in the UK. Wilder would be the one to expose and destroy everything Hearn has built up. It could also go another way with a potential fight for Joshua and Tyson Fury in early or late 2019, making a lot of sense business wise, when both of these fighters are the highest paid and most popular in this era of boxing.

It's obvious the Joshua team does not want this fight at this moment when Wilder is still growing and developing into a much better fighter. With Joshua, I think he’s a talent already maximized to his full potential but still not enough to defeat a fighter like Wilder. Not every fighter is at the same level in skill, experience in overcoming adversity. Joshua's team could have Wilder age out and take the fight a couple years later or ask for three times the amount, but by then it could lose interest for a lot of fans. I believe eventually all three of these fighters will meet in the ring sooner or later and we will finally see who will come out as the undefeated unified heavyweight champion of the world.


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