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The Future for Ryan Garcia

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The young rising star will be fighting again against Jayson Velez at the StubHub Center May 4th. Coming off a knockout victory, his last fight made him one step closer to landing a fight for a belt. Currently fighting at super featherweight, Garcia has been dominating all his fights without a sweat. With a record of 14-0 (13) knockouts, he has labeled himself as ESPN prospect of the year in 2017. Garcia has not been tested and I believe we haven’t seen the best out of him yet. Garcia is very fast and elusive, but to fight the very best and compete with the best he is going to need to bring more to the table. With a lot to learn and more to improve, it's going to be a very interesting fight for Garcia. His next opponent applies a lot of pressure and has more experience, as long as Garcia takes his time and keeps his composure I believe he will be able to out box Velez and eventually end the bout in another dramatic knockout. If Garcia can’t adjust and avoid the non-stop pressure Velez will bring, it's going to be a long night for him. This fight can go either way.


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