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The Welterweight struggle for Broner

Adrien Boner came out confident going against Welterweight fighter Jesse Vargas. Broner came out from round one with a filling out process using the jab and applying pressure to the more bigger opponent Jesse Vargas. Vargas was also active using his range and jab keeping distance from Broners counter punches & combanations keeping Broners attacks to a minimum. Vargas being the more aggressive fighter using his jab to set up vicious body shots landing clean and effectivly, Broner still managed to stay In the pocket keeping his composure, Already down on the score cards early in the rounds Broner seems to find himself in a do or die position not being as active as his corner made it clear to pick up the pace and let his hands go, all of a sudden spurs throughout the middle and late rounds giving him a chance to win rounds. Overall Broner managed to land the more power shots and overall punches. A draw was handed to the fighters but a rematch is needed to secure a solid victory.


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