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Oscar Valdez vs Scott Quigg Featherweight show down!

Currently undefeated with a record of 28 wins, no losses & 13 wins by knock out Oscar Valdez prepares for one of the toughest fights in his career. During a mitt work session he looked very shape as usually throwing crisp & powerful punches with great foot work. looking in great physical shape we know he coming prepared for war, willing to push him self to extreme limits. Scott Quigg comes from the United Kingdom home of great Champions such as former Heavyweight Champion Lennox Lewis & former Welterweight Champion Ricky Hatton who were once superstars of their divisions. Quigg has only one loss that was a very close fight to former World Champion Carl Frampton also from the United Kingdom. Quigg has been preparing with Freddy Roach coming up with the perfect game plan. Both of these fighters are very technically when it comes inside the ring, they both average almost a hundred punches per round, with that we expect an explosive fight. At the age of seventeen Valdez qualified for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and became the first Mexican youth World Champion and then four years later he qualified for the 2012 Olympics. Now at the peak of his career Valdez is putting everything on the line come March 10th as he prepares him self for the toughest challenge yet.

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