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Deontay Wilder Walking Through Fire

Deontay Wilder, walking through fire. From the start of round one it was a difficult task for Deontay to adjust and adapt to the more unique southpaw style of Ortiz. Utilizing the jab and making distance adjustments, Wilder had some success early through rounds one, two & three keeping the pressure to a minimum from Ortiz but the more heavier opponent did not let up. Wilder dropped Ortiz in the the fifth round with a vicious right hand as they both try to exchange, Ortiz got up showing what heart he has and continued on. As round seven came Wilder still did not have Ortiz fully figured out, Ortiz came with a combination rocking Wilder almost sending him to the canvas. Wilder showed us what true champions are made of by over coming great adversity & moving forward to compete. As the bell rang for the 10th round Wilder seemed to be fully recovered, ready to re gain control and entered the 10th round throwing vicious right hands & hooks dropping Ortiz, Ortiz stunned trying to get back on his feet but was not fully recovered, Wilder came for the kill as he continued to throw more right hands then slipped in the uppercut that ended the fight.

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